Citizens Against Violence : Bangladesh

  • 04 April, 2016

International Visitor Leadership Program Participants from the nation of Bangladesh, spent time in the Valley of the Sun discussing ways to develop organizations and maintain education and recruitment for citizens against violence. The program took place over a period of three days, to include a wide array of professionals within the City of Scottsdale and in surrounding communities.
One of this group’s first meetings was with the Director of the Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University, Mr. Thom Reilly. Mr. Reilly was joined by Mr. William Hart, Senior Policy Analyst and Ms. Linda Manning, Management Research Analyst.  The Morrison Institute for Public Policy examines critical Arizona and regional issues, and is a catalyst for public dialogue.  These representatives will discuss the Institute’s mission of encouraging public discussion, and utilizing high-quality research to contribute to an informed citizenry.
At a meeting with the Scottsdale City Councilwoman and Arizona Town Hall Board Member, Virginia Korte. Leaders learned about the structure and activities of Arizona Town Hall, including the policy changes it has implemented, such as the merit selection system for electing judges, innovations in education, and improvements to transportation infrastructure. The Bangladesh leaders also sat down with the Policy Advisor on Tribal Affairs for the Office of Governor Doug Ducey. Ms. Kristine Firethunder discussed her work to promote workforce development initiatives to enrich economic growth for minority populations, specifically those in the tribal communities.
In a meeting with Arizona Interfaith Movement, Executive Director, Mr. Larry Foltz discussed Arizona Interfaith Movement’s mission is to build bridges of understanding, respect and support among diverse people of faith through education, dialogue and service. Their members represent over 25 faith traditions.  Mr. Foltz was extremely thorough in his explanations of the projects and activities they conduct throughout the community, including interfaith education. He and Arizona Interfaith Movement hopes the delegation from Bangladesh is able to utilize some of their program outlines to better their non-profit work abroad.
The Director of the Arizona We Want Institute, Ms. Darcy Renfro presented information covering Arizona We Want Institute’s progression of steadily identifying a set of common goals to building a statewide network of citizens, leaders and partner organizations to achieve these goals:  and, how the plan calls for a broad-based, statewide effort to reconnect Arizona citizens with leaders in all sectors to take positive steps to move Arizona forward.
One of the last and most enriching activities for the Bangladeshi’s was with Ms. Beth Crandell. Beth hosted the group at her home for a quiet dinner full of conversation and jokes. The delegation had been in the U.S. for over a week and truly enjoyed time outside of meetings and
professional encounters to have a friendly conversation with a member of the Global Ties community.
While this groups’ time in our state was short, they were able to develop meaningful relationships and gain knowledge from groups truly advocating change for citizens undergoing violence in their home and at the workplace. Citizens against violence work together to develop campaigns meant to decrease the number of households where domestic and child abuse problems exist. The goal of this program was to see what was missing in Bangladesh’s assessment of violence at home. Now, they have met with several groups and policy stakeholders in developing new campaigns for citizens against violence that will strengthen the pressure for victims to seek assistance and help when it is needed.

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