Building Government Capacity for Municipal Leaders

  • 15 September, 2016

Global Ties Arizona and the City of Scottsdale hosted a group of City Council people and Civil Activists in Israel for six days this month to observe building government capacity for municipal leaders. The program outlined positive ways to influence legislation and public opinion. The City of Scottsdale did a fantastic job detailing the City’s internal functions and best practices for communicating to the general public.
One of the Delegation’s first meetings was with a group of representatives from the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community. Two Council Members and two Community Directors from SRPMIC were present. The discussion included an overview of accountability in government, ethical standards and mechanisms that foster good governance for the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community.
Ms. Kim Owens, who represents Arizona Excellence in Public Service, described the organization’s leadership training program for women currently and how the program works to engage more women in the Republican Party as voters, donors and leaders.
The International Visitors from Israel were able to sit down with one of Arizona’s statewide leaders, Secretary of State, Michele Reagan. Global Ties Arizona was thrilled Secretary Reagan was able to meet one-on-one with the group from Israel to discuss interaction between the State and its many Municipalities. Michele provided an overview of the protocol of elections and her role as Secretary of State for Arizona.
In order for the group to further understand elections in our state and how many candidates hire campaign managers or consultants during their time in office, we arranged for a meeting with one of Scottsdale’s local campaign managers Mr. Kyle Moyer. Kyle is the President of Kyle Moyer & Company. He lead a discussion on his firm’s internal operations as it is a full-service public affairs, political consulting, and government relations firm.  The firm specializes in public policy, ballot campaigns and candidate campaigns at the federal, state and municipal level.
Mr. Moyer is currently the Campaign Manager for Scottsdale Councilwoman Susan Klapp, who is seeking re-election to the City Council.  He discussed the campaign, his responsibilities as Campaign Manager, as well as an overview of the campaign process and issues currently facing Scottsdale residents.
A focus on City infrastructure was crucial to this group’s development for understanding how, exactly, municipal leaders in Arizona are building such a strong capacity for successful government implementation and meeting the needs of all who live, work and play in Scottsdale. A variety of City officials met with this group, including; the Transportation, Public Works Department and Water Department Directors.
With the Water Department, the group discussed provisions of quality drinking water and advanced reclamation services. The Transportation Department reviewed processes for transportation planning and implementation, street engineering, trolley, bus and other alternative transportation services. And the Publics Works Department Detailed information on the City of Scottsdale’s maintenance, traffic management, construction management of city roads, buildings, parks and other infrastructure.
Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane was also able to spend some time with the group and covered information on the process for obtaining city positions, overview of city functions, structure, the decision-making process, and coordination between city departments.
The group from Israel also met with current City Councilwoman Ms. Virginia Korte, who is seeking re-election to the City Council and Mr. Dan Schweiker, who is seeking his first term as a City Councilman. Together, they discussed their individual campaign strategies, the various processes and the issues.
The International Visitor Leadership Program for Building Government Capacity for Municipal Leaders provided this group from Israel with a great amount of information on Arizona’s functionality at the municipal and state level. While the Israelis thoroughly enjoyed all of their professional meetings, they also took a day trip to visit Sedona, Arizona where they viewed red rock formations, the spectacular Chapel of the Holy cross, Oak Creek Canyon and more.  They then ended their night with a home cooked meal at the home of Global Ties Members, Mike and Enid Seiden. Mike and Enid have hosted many visitors through our International Visitor Leadership Program because they love meeting people from around the world. A huge advantage of being a member of Global Ties Arizona is being able to partake in conversations of international diplomacy with a leader of influence from another nation. This International Visitor Leadership Program was truly a unique and highly informative experience for these leaders from the nation of Israel.

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