Leaders from Across Central

  • 21 November, 2016
  • Monday, 23:26 PM

The week before the Presidential Election, Global Ties Arizona hosted a group of leaders from across Central and South America to the Valley of the Sun to meet with experts in Arizona grassroots political organizing.

The group meet with the Democrat, Independent and Republican Party leadership to further understand partisan politics in our state and it’s direct impact on voter opinion.

Ms. Barbara Lubin, the Political Director of the Arizona Democratic Party provided the group with a general overview of our state’s most closely watched elections and the party’s strategy for recruiting support for Hilary Clinton in our state. These leaders were then lead to the AZGOP Headquarters where Republican Party leadership led a conversation focused on social media, volunteer recruitment, coalition building and voter targeting. The Central and South American leaders were able to further understand how party leaders highlight the the positive and negative characteristics of individual candidates.

The Founder and President of Somos Independents provided a vivid discussion of her view of the presidential election and mobilization of key independent groups at the state and national levels. Her point of view led the group to understand an entirely new perspective they had yet to see in the United States.

Global Ties Arizona provides a unique experience for each global leader they host through their International Visitor Leadership Program. Bringing leaders from around the globe further our state’s knowledge of international diplomacy while providing a United State’s perspective on government and party affiliations.

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Leaders from Across Central

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